Notes for Paper “Towards Accurate Multi-person Pose Estimation in the Wild “


Papandreou, George, et al. “Towards accurate multiperson pose estimation in the wild.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1701.01779 8 (2017).


ResNet for keypoint, heatmap and offset

  • Performance
  • Basics
    • Without ground truth of the location or the scale of the person.
    • Top-down approach
  • Main methods
    • Pipeline:
      • Person box detection using Faster-RCNN, (ResNet-101)
        • CNN backbone pre-trained on ImageNet
          • No multi-scale evaluation.
      • Person pose estimation. Use ResNet 101 for heatmap and offset.
        • K=17 keypoints.
        • Classification && Regression
          • Firstly classify whether it is (0 or 1) in the neighborhood of any keypoint. (heatmap)
          • Predict a 2D local offset vector to see the precise keypoint location.

  • Take home message
  • Other methods mentioned
  • Evaluation
    • Object Keypoint Similarity
    • COCO

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